New Album Called Principles of Life

Reborn Tha Rebizzle is a rapper homegrown in the emblematic Bronx, NY and dedicated to his faith in God. This rapper believes that his role on earth is to spread the message of the lord in his own way- through music and hip hop. He first discovered Christian Rap in the Summer of 2000, and since that day, he never looked back. Throughout the years he has worked to master his skills as a rapper, becoming skilled with punchlines, metaphors, flows and delivery, to which he practiced over the top of Wu-Tang Clan beats, he even would rewrite his own Christian verses over the instrumentals. This rapper has never let any obstacles stop the progression of his career, working through his challenges with distribution and then honing his skills with production. In 2018 Reborn Tha Rebizzle really started sharing his music, with his first EP, a string of singles, various shows at local events, and even DJing under the name 'DJ Rebizzle'. This artist has also set up his own production company called Re Beatz Productionz. Although there's lots of achievements under this rapper's belt, his focus now is on speaking the truth and spreading the news about this upcoming album, which he describes as "based on God's practical and spiritual rules for living". With a taste for 90s and 2000s sounds and the truest intentions, this MC is undeniably offering something different to the rap game.

Reborn Tha Rebizzle returns with more vigor than ever, releasing his first full-length album 'PRINCIPLES OF LIFE'. The rapper recalls taking his career more seriously than ever since 2019, leading him to write and produce this 25-track project. With only three tracks with beats from other producers, including Life and Death Productions on tracks 2 & 3 and DrewEra Productions on track 4, this album is a true reflection of this man's skills. Reborn Tha Rebizzle fuses gospel rap with old-school hip hop production in a way that reminds you of the amazing extent of rap and its thought-provoking messages. With a name like 'PRINCIPLES OF LIFE', the album touches on themes of blasphemy, sins, and, as the rapper puts it himself, "the trials and tribulations of life". Reborn Tha Rebizzle even kicks off and ends this project surrendering to the glory of God, reminding listeners of the power that an unwavering faith can offer. A truly inspiring listen filled with insightful storytelling, bold hooks and impactful beats, this album is the one for you if you're looking for a fresh perspective on life.

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