From the recording Brainstorm Part 2

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Brainstorm Part 2 is my new single Promo for the upcoming album called "Principles of Life. So, everyone be on the lookout for the upcoming album


In my mind dark clouds are forming
Lightning thunder and rain is pouring
This is what I called Brainstorming
I grill more MC's than George Foreman
For all devils laying dormant
What I'm bringing is prophetic warning
I cuff wicked mc's and
Get them locked behind my bars
What is their charge
For lyrically blaspheming God
I flow hard lyrics peirce right through
You and your squad
You ain't built up to par
While I shoot for the stars
My lyrics passing out from the
Earth to Mars assing by quasars
Can't be detected by radar
I'm Sirius like the star
Who want a lyrical spar
You might think it's bazaar
Because I spit from afar
It travels the universe
Then boomerang back to the earth
All in a split second while
I'm blasting a verse
Can't be purchased with a salary
It's out of your galaxy
Lyrics in perfect shape
Cause burns calories
It'll outlast a Thousand Dynasties
My lyrics got eyes for me
It's letting me know who spying on me
Cause I know there's thieving mc's
That loves biting off me
Fake rappers allergic to real raps
Like allergies
Adversaries can't handle my vocabulary
I'm that dude that migrated from
Bronx to Danbury
Man your visions blurry
And Its getting scary
That's why it's nessassery
To paint the picture like pictionary
If you don't know what I means
Go get yourself a dictionary
Open up your eyes wide like a visionary
Build up your intelligence
Stupidity is irrelevant
You can peep my evidence
You can even cross reference
Searching for Jewels and use it as a tool
In all of your getting get understanding
And don't be a fool
If I'm a conscious rapper it's
Cuz I'm convicted your conscience
While you unconscious rappers
Y'all spit with no content
It makes no sense
But my rhymes is condense
Into a nutshell to make sure
That you're fully convinced
So don't label me
Cause this ain't a fable see
Cause I'll mess around
And turn your whole table B
Without the use of a DJ
Ain't gonna be no instant replay
I ain't the type to caught up
In that he say she say
Plus my words ricochet through your brain
Just like a ping pong
I spit strong
Hoping your tension span can last long
I rap on this platform to get my rap on
I got the crowd moving
Just to get their clap on
See I'm a Black Man
But I ain't stuck in a Black hole
Complaining to the world
About my life is a big woe
Talkin about it ain't fair
But I know who's my real foe
That's why I war against Satan
As a Christianize Nat Cole
I meant Nat Turner
You'll get scorched with the flat burner
When I walk in the spirit
I'm able to be a discerner
On my bending knees
In my prayer times
I say these rhymes
So I can give sight to the blind
So yo check out my flow
When I'm ripping the show
This is more than getting that doe
To I witness to souls
I done told you so
To get out of my yard bro
Cause your Mon Pokey not here
So do me a favor and Go
So yo stay tuned
For the album dropping soon
Principles of Life coming out
By the next full moon