1. Soldier of War

From the recording The Calling Ep

To make the world know that we are in a Spiritual Battle and that we are to snatch souls out of Satan's kingdom of darkness and lead the souls to the God's Kingdom of Light.


All my live soldiers
Where y'all at
Let's get ready for warfare
You know what I'm saying
It's time to Infiltrate the enemy's kingdom
Too many lost souls
Out there in then streets
So we gotta take back
What the enemy stole
So let's get ready for warfare

I see the pain of the streets
There's a war with the beast
Young queens turn to freaks
Young ones busting their heat
There's no peace like middle east
Devils cooking up some beef
He stay plotting for your meat
He's a liar and a thief
Government making slaves
To things that are man made
From computer technology
And sex escapade
Now hold that
Even though my flows
Is like a throw back
But I spit so that you know that
Truth travels like a nomad
The world is a war zone
Feeling like I'm all alone
Cause all I spit about
My Father who's on the Throne
There's a pain in my heart
Cause these days are mad dark
Snatch the youth from these sharks
Bring'em back to Christ the Ark
Ain't no time for excuses
Cause the enemy is ruthless
Don't care about your cuteness
Snatch you up if you remain clueless
That's why must be equip
With the whole armor of God
Cause time is mad hard
We have to roll with His squad
Oh my God

You see what I'm saying
What I'm talking About
Whats going on in the world
It's a crazy ill battle
You know what I'm saying
Ain't no chorus for this
Its just straight spitting flames for this
You nah mean
Word up man
Its time to renew your mind
From the worldly thinking
To God's way of thinking
Cause we're in the army of the Lord
You know what I'm saying
So let's get ready for verse 2

I thought I told ya
I'm a soldier
For Jehovah
My light shines like supernova
Plus I'm bolder
Though the world colder
Evil beholder
Upon my shoulder
Is where I bring my cross over
Spit truth to wake the sleep like folders
No time for games like poker
For not living sober
Cats get tossed over
Hunt down evil like the Red October
Bring this game to a fore closer
I'm getting older
That means time is approaching closer
Let's get it on like the red dawn
My rhymes infiltrate the industry
Like a pawn
To capture every industry pieces
From the best to the wack MC'ses
And win them back for Jesus
Have them converted
The way I word it
I'm taking a chance
Cause the pearls of wisdom
Has been inserted
So what's the verdict
If MC's is like the queen and bishop
The Word cleanse all little Kim's
And Tupacs with Hyssop
Now you get the picture
We're waring for lost souls
Snatch'em out of black hole
Bringing back souls,
Bring'em back to God's sheep fold
Cause times is ominous
Like a corrupt communist
But we have confidence
Cause we stand on God's promises
Whatever is predestined to
Then you know its inevitable
And we don't have to worry
Cause God protects us too
That's why I spit to expose
The enemy who come to impose
But the Spirit will raise up a standard
To silence this wack foe

Ohooooohooo Wiii
Yeah, that's what I'm taking about
Right there son
You just let'em know B
For real
You know what I'm saying
We're in these last and evil days man
The war is on
It's time for everybody
To awake up out of their sleep
There's a spiritual battle going on
We got a war
Straight up and down
Get ready my Soldiers