From the recording Principles of Life

Bringing that true Hip Hop back to its original form with that 90's to the early 2000's New York sound.


I'm upset with this
Cause all the vets get no respect for this
The time they spent in this
Was blood, tears and sweat in this
They caught amnesia
Hip hop forgotten this
That's why I'm resetting this game
I'm correcting it and I'm reppin it
I give a big ups to my Pioneers
Who sowed real lyrical seeds
In Hip Hop for many years
Devils coming at me
With their careless whisper
Check the voice of the serpent
And see how he slither
Appears as an angel of light
With his sparkling glitter
Trying to get me to follow like Twitter
But I ain't blown away
By every wind of trend like a blizzard
You couldn't trick me if you was a wizard
Trying to cause my faith to wither
Son you might as well be a quitter
That's why I rap to capture souls
Cause I master the flows
Attacking the foes
And shattering those
Enemies that tried to come and impose
Once the doors been shut
No man can open what God has closed
And this is how it goes
I'm born between two extremes
This life is but a dream
The things of this world
Is not what it seems
The real world is the spirit realms
Capturing every moment like film
That's why I be dropping them gems
I got fire in my hands
Like Ryu and Ken (Hadouken)
You ask why you repent
Cause this is the time of The End
This ain't a game
Yo it's scary as hell
If your vision is blurry
Then I'll give you braille
It ain't hard to tell
I carry my forks and knives in the streets
It's too much beef
So much tension in the air
You could feel the broiling heat
It ain't sweet
The game got stolen by industry thieves
I'm trying to snatch souls out of the Matrix
Like Keanu Reeves
Devils got tricks up his sleeves
Open up your eyes and see by faith
Then you'll believe
And that my word B
These Cains hate the fact
That they're not Abel
They're unstable
To comprehend the Truth
Because they love fables
They rather do their own thing
Which it's the wrong thing
Then tried to present it up to God
As if He's gonna bless their offerings
They gotta be kidding
With their worthless giving
You can't come to God any o way
Especially the way that you're living
But if you want your life seasoned
Like seafood
Then learn to obey (old bay) dude
I'm talking about the God who made you
See I build with my fellows
In the wildest ghettos
See how rap turns a white boy black
Like Othello
They hate the fact that
We're wise and intelligent
They say it's irrelevant
To live honorable with a godly benevolence
Especially in this day and age
They rather you be gay with aids
And go along with their hellish ways
That's why I come with that Bronx flow
Like Big Pun we stomp foes
Kick flows like taekwondo
Your whole crew will get slaughtered
Like what happened at the Superbowl
When the Panthers got crushed
By the Broncos
So why you're seeking love from the streets
When there's no love in the streets
But cops and thugs in the streets
Running the streets
Busting their heat
While we see blood flooding the streets
Principality of the air
Got cats bugged in the streets
I'm like a beast out the cage
When I speak out of my rage
With these bars straight out of the page
While I be rockin the stage
I bomb this nation
Because of all of these abominations
Trials and Tribulations
While we're stay facing
Time is wasting
Fool you be acting
Like what tool you be packing
Here's the truth smacking
From the back hand
Either we're born innocent
Into this world of guilt
Or guilty into this world of innocence
Either way God calls us to repentance
So, we don't have to face
The eternal death sentence
So, peep the Truth that I just mentioned
This is not my plan
And you are not my man
I'm like a Arab on this track
Because I Ran
I gets lyrical on this track
When I spit facts
I play pool with the Arabs
Because I wrack (Iraq)
How many words can you count
That ever came out of your mouth
Including syllables when pronouncing
The sounds from your mouth
I spit Razor blade lyrics
To slice through the critics
Whether you like it or not
Your spirit still gonna feel it
Call me a monkey I be Caesar
The rise of the ape
A Prophet to my people
Preparing for the great escape
Run through your asylums and prisons
Unlocking the gates
Cause a coup d'état
And overthrow the Penn state
Throw an open can of gas
Of intelligence
In the midst of my peeps
By dropping jewels that is truthfully deep
See I'm a plus and multiply
While you lie and divide
Tryna subtract me from my goal
Cause on this train you can't ride
I increased in knowledge
Faster than the speed of sonic
How ironic you get left behind
Cause mentally you wasn't up on it
See I spit common sense
And I'm built with confidence
You're going up against me
I'll be your worst consequence
Yet I'm a Man of respect
That always come correct
If this was a ball game
You couldn't dunk it on my Borough
Cause we're Le Bron X

And that's the Bronx Baby