From the recording Principles of Life

Preparing to meet God when we D.I.E. Depart Into Eternity which is inevitable to all of Humankind.


Yeah, this is a very sobering
And serious message right here
You know what I mean
Have you ever wondered
what it's like
When you die
When your time is up on here on Earth
The time that you spent here
For our life is nothing but a vapor
You know what I mean
So, this one right here is called
D.I.E. Depart Into Eternity

It is appointment unto us
once to die then the Judgment
It seems puzzling
But it's the truth so stop bugging
But rather consider
Cause every life withers
The Truth seems bitter
But God says come Hither
I had sobber you up
And yoking up for real
The Word woaking you up
And broking you up
So, what's the deal
Every life from Adam like the sand
Is being blowned away
We appear for a little season
Then we're going to the grave
Life is short so why take it granted
As soon as you landed on this planted
That's when Life's journey began kid
Life is full of choices
Whether right or wrong
You can hear God's voice
As I write this song
This a sobering message
Hopping you get it
And accepted it
Cause most will rejected
And won't accept it
But disrespected it
But this ain't meant to scare you
But rather prepare you
Cause death is inevitable
So why would y'all reject the Truth

Yeah, you see how sobering this message is
And this is something that
We all have to consider
Cause everyday
We hear somebody dying
You what I mean
And we never know
when the sand of our
Hourglass runs out
But nevertheless, I got some good news

The good news that
Christ was crucified for ya
Then died for ya
Three days later rose high for ya
No longer have to suffer sins penalty
No more enmity
Between God and Man like enemies
Cause the payment of sin is death
What more can be said
When we breath our last breath
But most slept
And die before their time
Even when I wrote this rhyme
Cause they chose to follow the leader
That is very blind
So let me remind you
That Christ is the only path
That you will find Truth
Don't let religious men
Bind you or blind you
Open your eyes
And realize the devils lies
He wants you to burn in the fire with him
Cause it's his demise
But this is real
Cause God wants to bring you from
Death to Life
Left to Right
So, you can step into the Light
Word, I speak with urgency
As if it's an emergency
Cause the question is
Are we ready to Depart Into Eternity