From the recording Principles of Life

It's an opening Prayer and dedicating album unto my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and asking Him to use me to spread His unto all who are willing to listen and receive the Words of Life and lead them to Repentance.


Heavenly Father
I come before you in The Mighty name of Jesus Christ
I ask you to forgive me of all of my sins
To wash my clean in your blood
The blood that you had shed on the cross
I'm asking you to use me for your Glory o Father
Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
Let it not be about me the mc
But, let it be about You
Your only Glory
The One who is worthy
Use me to bring forth message
To spread it through the Earth
To lead all men into salvation in Christ Jesus
I have prepared the groundwork
As you have commanded me to
To let this album be used for your Glory (Let it be used oh Lord)
Let it have no flesh involved in it. (No flesh)
But let your Holy Spirit do the leading and the touching
Of hearts of all those who needs you. (Yes Lord)
So that they may know
What your Principles of Life is really all about. (Yes Lord, Yes)
Teach us Your ways oh Father God. (Show us how to live Lord)
Show us how to live according to your will (Yes)
And according to your purpose (I'm lost without you)
I Pray all this in Jesus's name. (I need you Lord)
Let your Glory be revealed (Let it be revealed)
I'm just a voice, in the wilderness
Shouting repentance to all that will hear
Everyone that is of the Truth
Will hear your Truth oh Father
And I Thank you Lord
Create within me a clean heart
And renew a right spirit within me (Renew A right spirit within me)
Create within me a spirit of boldness
To proclaim your Truth (Yes Lord)
Let Your will be know through the Earth
Oh Lord God (Let it be known)
Let these words minister to those who are lost
Who does not know you, and who need to come to know you
I Worship You oh Father God (I Worship You oh Lord)
Use me for Your Glory oh Lord (Yes Lord)
Let all Man be turned to you
To Worship You
The Only True God (The Only True God)
Creator of Heaven & Earth
That way we may all Bow and Worship You
In True Holiness
And find true resource and true purpose in You
In only You oh Lord
Glory to Your Name
You have commanded all man everywhere to repent
Because You have set a day
In recognin with the world
Through Jesus